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Forma III de conditional in engleza

Forma III de conditional in engleza se refera la conditii imposibil de realizat din trecut, imposibile pentru ca nu putem sa schimbam ce s-a intamplat.

Forma: IF + Past Perfect (conditia) + WOULD HAVE si Past Participle 

If you had put in more effort, you would have succeeded. (Daca ai fi depus mai mult efort, ai fi reusit.)

If I had known this was happening, I would have taken some measures. (Daca as fi stiut ce se intampla, as fi luat niste masuri.)

If war hadn’t broken out, my grandparents wouldn’t have left their house. (Daca n-ar fi izbucnit razboiul, bunicii mei nu si-ar fi parasit casa.)

If the weather hadn’t been so unstable, we would have made a picnic. (Daca vremea nu ar fi fost asa instabila, noi am fi facut un picnic.)


Propozitia principala poate contine “would”, “could” sau “might“:

If my best friend hadn’t betrayed me, we would still have been friends. (Daca prietena mea cea mai buna nu m-ar fi tradat, am fi fost inca prietene.)

If I had practiced extra for the driving exam, I could have driven a car right now. (Daca as fi practicat mai mult pentru examenul de conducere, acum as fi condus o masina.)

If my kid had seen his uncle, he might have enjoyed spending time with him. (Daca baietelul meu si-ar fi vazut unchiul, poate ca i-ar fi placut sa petreaca timp cu el.)


Uneori conditionalul este mai mult subinteles decat exprimat clar:

I’d have said “yes”. (if you had asked me to do it.) - As fi spus “da”. (daca mi-ai fi cerut s-o fac.)

You wouldn’t have come. (if I had invited you to.) – Nu ai fi venit. (daca te-as fi invitat.)

She would have done for it. (if I had asked her to.) – Ea ar fi facut-o pentru mine. (daca as fi rugat-o)


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