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Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous (Viitorul continuu in engleza) se formeaza astfel:

subiect + verbul auxiliar “will” + verbul auxiliar “be” + verbul de conjugat la gerunziu

I will be talking (forma contractata: I’ll be talking)

you will be talking (you’ll be talking)

he/she/it will be talking (he’ll be talking)

we will be talking (we’ll be talking)

you will be talking (you’ll be talking)

they will be talking (they’ll be talking)

Forma negativa (in engleza): I will not be talking (forma contractata: I won’t be talking)

Forma interogativa (in engleza): Will I be talking?  ;  Won’t I be talking?


Acest timp se foloseste in engleza atunci cand exprimam:

  • o actiune din viitor care va dura o anumita perioada de timp, sau care a inceput in prezent si dureaza pana la un moment dat in viitor:

Sam will be playing with the children for two hours. (Sam se va juca doua ore cu copiii.)

I’ll be seeing you tonight in the club. (Ne vedem diseara in club.)

  • o actiune mai lunga din viitor care va fi intrerupta de o alta actiune mai scurta:
The students will be working on the project when the inspector comes. (Elevii vor lucra la proiect atunci cand va veni inspectorul.)
You’ll be listening to music when your friend calls. (Tu vei fi ascultand muzica atunci cand prietenul tau va suna.)
  • cand dorim sa ne proiectam in viitor si vedem deja ce se va intampla:
This time next summer I’ll be swimming in the ocean. (Vara viitoare pe timpul asta voi fi inotand in ocean.)
You’ll be spotting me with no problem – I’ll be waving the whole time. (Ma vei oberva fara probleme – voi face cu mana tot timpul.)
  • cand credem/presupunem ca se va intampla ceva la momentul vorbirii sau in viitor:
Don’t go into his room now, he’ll be practicing his guitar. (Nu intra in camera lui acum, probabil repeta la chitara.)
You’d better not wake him up – he’ll be saying some unpleasant things to you. (Ai face bine sa nu-l trezesti acuma – o sa-ti spuna niste lucruri neplacute.)
Natural ressources will be disappearing at some point in the future. (Resursele naturale vor disparea la un moment dat in viitor.)


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