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Future in the Past Tense

Future in the Past (Viitorul in trecut in engleza) are doua forme: forma cu “would” si cea cu “was going to”:

would / was going to + verbul de conjugat

I thought you wouldn’t pick him up. (Am crezut ca nu il vei lua si pe el.)

I sensed he was going to hit him. (Am simtit ca urma sa-l loveasca.)


Acest timp il folosim atunci cand, in trecut fiind, ne-am gandit ca ceva urma sa se intample in viitor, indiferent daca a ajuns sa se intample sau nu:

  • planuri:

I just knew he was going to leave for Seattle that evening. (Am stiut sigur ca urma sa plece spre Seattle in seara aceea.)

He said he was going to bring some wine to dinner, but he forgot. (El a zis ca urma sa aduca niste vin la cina, dar a uitat.)

We knew we were going to sleep there. (Noi stiam ca vom dormi acolo.)

  • actiune voluntara:

I knew my mom would offer to take care of my daughter for me. (Stiam ca mama se va oferi sa ai ba grija de fetita mea in locul meu.)

She knew he would take her out for dinner. (Ea stia ca el o scoate in oras la cina.)

Diana told us she was going to quit smoking, but that didn’t happen. (Diana ne-a spus ca se va lasa de fumat, dar asta nu s-a intamplat.)

  • predictie:

Something told me the evening wouldn’t be that much fun. (Ceva mi-a spus ca seara nu avea sa fie prea distractiva.)

I knew it would turn out well in the end. (Stiam ca lucrurile urmau sa se sfarseasca cu bine.)

We were almost certain that our company would recover after the depression. (Eram aproape siguri ca a noastra companie urma sa-si revina dupa recesiune.)

  • promisiune:

They promised they would send her to summer camp. (Ei au promis ca o vor trimite in tabara de vara.)

I promised I would take care of him. (Eu am promis ca o voi avea grija de el.)

I made a vow that I would stand by him for good and for bad. (Am facut un juramant ca voi sta alaturi de el la bine si la rau.)



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