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Future Perfect Tense

Future Perfect Tense (Viitorul perfect in engleza) se formeaza astfel:

subiect + verbul auxiliar “will” + verbul auxiliar “have” + forma a treia a verbului de conjugat

I will have forgotten (forma contractata: I’ll have forgotten)

you will have forgotten (you’ll have forgotten)

he/she/it will have forgotten (he’ll have forgotten)

we will have forgotten (we’ll have forgotten)

you will have forgotten (you’ll have forgotten)

they will have forgotten (they’ll have forgotten)

Forma negativa (in engleza): I will not have forgotten (forma contractata: I won’t have forgotten)

Forma interogativa (in engleza): Will I have forgotten? ; Won’t I have forgotten?


Acest timp se foloseste in engleza atunci cand dorim sa exprimam:

  • o actiune in viitor care va avea loc inainte de o alta tot in viitor:

By the time you come home, I will have already eaten. (Pana vii tu acasa, eu voi fi mancat deja.)

By tomorrow, you will have finished packing. (Pana maine, vei fi terminat de impachetat.)

By midnight, we will have arrived there in our car. (Pana la miezul noptii, noi vom fi ajuns acolo cu masina noastra.)

  • o presupunere despre ce credem noi ca s-a intamplat in trecutul recent:

Why don’t call them? They’ll have waken up by now. (De ce nu ii suni? Probabil s-au trezit pana acum.)

As I know him, he will have gotten over his anger by today. (La cum il stiu, probabil ca i-a trecut supararea pana azi.)


*Putem forma Future Perfect si cu “be going to“:

My cousin is going to have finished the speech by the time I get there. (Verisoara mea va fi terminat discursul pana ajung eu acolo.)


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