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Numeralul fractional in engleza

Numeralul fractional in engleza denumeste numere care se pot scrie ca fractii.

one whole (1/1)        =   un intreg

one half     (1/2)       =  o jumatate

one third   (1/3)       =   o treime

one quarter (1/4)    =   un sfert, o patrime

one fifth (1/5)        =  o cincime

one tenth (1/10)   = o zecime

two tenths    (2/10) =  doua zecimi


Propozitii in care se foloseste numeralul fractional in engleza:

1. I have been waiting for you for more than half an hour.

Te astept de mai bine de jumatate de ora.

2. You have one quarter of hour to solve the exercise.

Aveti un sfert de ora ca sa rezolvati exercitiul.

3. The children ate almost two thirds of the cake in a few minutes.

Copiii au mancat aproape doua treimi din tort in cateva minute.

4. If you add two tenths to eight tenths, you get one whole.

Daca adaugi doua zecimi la opt zecimi, obtii un intreg.

5. The student barely solves about one fifth of the exercise in half an hour.

Elevul abia a rezolvat o cincime din exercitiu in jumatate de ora.

6. Two quarters of a whole make one half.

Doua sferturi dintr-un intreg constituie o jumatate.

Numeralul fractional in engleza: articol gratis de gramatica limbii engleze prezentat de catre www.in-engleza.ro

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