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Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense (Trecutul Perfect Continuu in engleza) se formeaza astfel:

subiect + verbul auxiliar “a avea” (have) la trecut + forma a treia a auxiliarului “a fi” (been) + verbul de conjugat la gerunziu

I had been drinking

you had been drinking

he/she/it had been drinking

we had been drinking

you had been drinking

they had been drinking

Forma negativa: I had not been drinking (forma contractata: I hadn’t been drinking)

Forma interogativa: Had I been drinking? ; Hadn’t I been drinking?


Acest timp se foloseste in engleza cand:

  • vorbim despre o actiune care a inceput in trecut si a continuat pana la un moment dat in trecut:

I had been working on the car for two hours before he came right in and fixed it. (Lucram deja de doua ore la masina cand a venit el si a reparat-o imediat.)

Michael had been talking on the phone when his sister interrupted him. (Michael vorbea la telefon  cand sora lui l-a intrerupt.)

  • dorim sa aratam cauza si efectul ei:

He was in town because he had been hearing all kinds of rumors and wanted to check them. (El era in oras pentru ca auzise tot felul de zvonuri si dorea sa le verifice.)

Sarah was going crazy because she hadn’t been doing what she liked most, which was painting. (Sarah innebunea pentru ca nu facea ceea ce ii placea cel mai mult, adica sa picteze.)


Diferenta intre Past Perfect Continuous si Past Continuous nu este usor de sesizat in engleza, dar exista: Past Perfect Continuous insista asupra duratei actiunii pana la un moment dat in trecut, pe cand Past Continuous subliniaza intreruperea actiunii:

He had been working in the garden when his friends showed up. (El lucra in gradina cand au aparut prietenii lui.) – lucra de ceva timp in gradina si nu se stie daca mai lucreaza inca

He was working in the garden when his friends showed up. (El lucra in gradina cand au aparut prietenii lui.) – lucra in gradina, dar s-a oprit cand au aparut prietenii lui


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