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Pirates of Caribbean 4 (1) – audio in engleza

Pirates of Caribbean 4 (1)

Pentru a va imbunatati capacitatea de ascultare a unui continut audio in limba engleza puteti vedea si asculta filmuletul de mai sus. Mai jos aveti transcrierea in engleza a ceea ce veti asculta in engleza.

Mai multe filmulete in engleza gasiti aici : engleza audio.

Textul in engleza

Death lies before us, as we sail to the fountain of youth. You could guide an expedition.

“You are Jack Sparrow”.

“There should be a captain in there somewhere.”

The hero ruler

“Jack Sparrow was inLondon”

“Had been there to find the fountain of youth”.

“Don’t be a foul, Jackie. The fountain will test you.”

“Was that really necessary?”

“The fountain is the prize.”

???????????? (aceasta culoare marcheaza un text neclar)

“There she goes!”

“What’s your play, Jack?”

“I thought you should give me a warning. We’re taking the ship… It’s nothing personal… It would be better off if you just…stayed out of it”.

Every danger along the way…Persley… mermaids … zombies … Black Ben… pile in all hearts fear.

“If I do not make it to the fountain, neither will you.”

“Is that it?”

“Right, Sir”.

“We have to go…”


“Are we not king’s men?”

“How is it we can never meet without you pointing something at me?”

“That’s the Jack I know”.


“You know that feeling you get when you’re standing on a high place with a sudden urge to jump? I didn’t have it… Did anyone see that, because I will not be doing it again.

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