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Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect in engleza se formeaza astfel:

subiect + verbul auxiliar “a avea” (have) + participiul trecut al verbului

I have received

you have received

he/she/it has received

we have received

you have received

they have received

Forma la negativ:   I have not received (forma contractata: I haven’t received) ; he has received (he hasn’t received)

Forma la interogativ:   Have I received ?  ;   Has he received?  ;   Haven’t I received?  ;  Hasn’t he received?


Acest timp se foloseste cand:

  • exprimam o actiune ce a inceput in trecut si continua in prezent:

He has been my tutor since last year. (Este tutorele meu incepand de anul trecut.)

She hasn’t spoken German for the last two years. (Ea nu a vorbit germana in ultimii doi ani.)

  • cu adverbe de timp ca: ever (vreodata)already (deja)never (niciodata)recently (recent)lately (in ultimul timp)yet (inca)always (mereu) etc.

I have never smoked. (Nu am fumat niciodata.)

You have jogged a lot lately. (Ai facut mult jogging in ultima vreme.)

  • vorbim despre o actiune care a avut loc la un moment nedefinit in trecut:

They’ve seen this play before. (Au mai vazut piesa asta.)

We have given away our dog. (Ne-am dat cainele.)

  • ne referim la o actiune repetata in trecut, fara sa precizam cand s-a terminat:

She has been in Rome several times this year. (Ea a fost la Roma de mai multe ori anul asta.)

They have attended the ceremony many times in the past. (Ei au fost la ceremonie de multe ori in trecut.)

  • vorbim despre o actiune terminata recent:

I have just finished the essay. (Tocmai am terminat eseul.)

He has just hung up the receiver. (El tocmai a pus jos receptorul.)

  • in propozitie avem superlative sau expresia “This is/it’s the first time…“:

This is the best soup I have ever eaten! (Este cea mai buna supa pe care am mancat-o vreodata!)

This is the first time I have ever went to Spain. (E prima oara cand merg in Spania.)


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