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Diferenta dintre Imperiul Roman si Imperiul Bizantin

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Textul in engleza

Well, the simplest way of approaching this is just to say that the Byzantine Empire is the last roughly a thousand years or so of the Roman Empire. In other words, the Roman Empire, which began in the 8th century BC, or at least the Roman state does, and then grows all across the Mediterranean during the ancient world, had fallen on pretty hard times by the third and fourth centuries AD. At that point it’s in roughly in either the late 3rd or some time in the 4th century that you began to see changes in theRoman Empire, which are sufficiently profound, that historians begin to call it Byzantine rather than Roman.

Now part of the reason for this, and I should say that everyone at the time called the Byzantine Empire the Roman Empire, but where it really comes from is the period of the Enlightenment, particularly the eighteenth century, when a lot of history was being chopped off into pieces by Enlightenment historians. And for those historians back then, when they gave things names, they viewed the Roman Empire as being this great Empire of antiquity, based in Rome, in the city of Rome; it’s logical. And the fact that the Empire continued for well over a thousand years after Rome had already fallen in the West, after there was no more Empire in Western Europe, it was a bit of difficulty for them, and so rather than just simply continuing to call it Roman, they viewed it as not really truly Roman; there were enough things about it that in their view, didn’t make it worthy of the name ‘Roman’. So, they developed this term: ‘Byzantine’.

What are the primary characteristics when we talk about theByzantine Empire? What are the things that make it different than theRoman Empire, which is what it is, after all? One is the fact that there is noRomein most of the Byzantine history; the Byzantine Empire does not actually have the city ofRomein it, because it’s already fallen to the Germanic barbarians. And even in those centuries in which the Byzantine Empire does haveRomein it,Romeis really just a place of honor, but it is not any longer an administrative center. So, in other words,Romeis not the capital of theByzantine Empire. And therefore, another characteristic of the Byzantine Empire that sets it apart from the Roman Empire is that power is now based in the Eastern Mediterranean, and not in theWestern Mediterranean. Power is based primarily at Constantinople, and not atRome.

Another characteristic is the dominance of Greek culture and Eastern perspectives in Byzantine history, rather than Latin culture and Western perspectives, that predominated in much of the history of theRoman Empire.

And a final characteristic or primary characteristic of what makes the Byzantine Empire is the integration of Christianity into the social and political fabric of the Empire. And that of course is very different than the ancient Roman Empire, which either ignored Christianity or actively persecuted it.

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