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Imperiul Egiptean – filmulet audio in engleza

Imperiul Egiptean – filmulet audio in engleza

Pentru a va imbunatati capacitatea de ascultare a unui continut audio in limba engleza puteti vedea si asculta filmuletul de mai sus. Mai jos aveti transcrierea in engleza a ceea ce veti asculta in engleza.

Mai multe filmulete in engleza gasiti aici : engleza audio.

Textul in englez

The term “Egyptian Empire” stands for Ancient Egypt, developed over at least three millennia, starting in 3115 BC and ending in 31 BC, when the Roman period started transforming the political and religious life of the NileValley. The Empire stretched from Syriato Sudan; its main city was Memphis.

Egyptians mastered the art and science of engineering to determine the positions of points in spaces. For example, this math was used to outline the bases of pyramids – of course the pyramids with some of the most spectacular remnants from the new kingdom. Hieroglyphs also intrigue us today. These inscriptions were the world’s earliest known writing system.

The River Nile and Egypt’s fertile farming land contributed to its success, but the real power behind the throne came from gold mines in the deserts of Nubia.

Pharos used this gold in art and architecture as they built their temples and tombs. Some of the best known Pharos were Ramses the Great and King Tutankhamon.


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