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Imperiul francez (The French Empire) – engleza audio

Imperiul francez (The French Empire) – engleza audio

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Textul in engleza

Two periods in French history comprised the French Empire and charismatic and prestigious leaderships. In 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself emperor and began a regime as glorious as the days of Rome. This event put an end to the first Republic.

At the height of the Napoleonic Empire, the military achieved extensive presence, stretching from the Atlantic coast toRussia, and from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. 

Napoleon ruled over seventeen million people through out Germany, Italy, Spain, the Iberian provinces and more.

During this period the French administration introduced the Napoleonic code and made all people equal before the law, legalized divorce and established jury systems.

The French defeat against Russia triggered the fall of the Empire: one by one, Napoleon’s allies joined the coalition of powers against him. The final defeat happened in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo, ending Napoleon’s attempts to reestablish his Empire.

The regime of Napoleon III as of 1852 marked the Second French Empire. The capital of power remained Paris, but this time, the rise of neighboring pressure created unease within the French national Assembly. The French army suffered a serious defeat in the summer of 1870 and Napoleon III surrendered to the pressure by September of that year. A mob invaded the National Assembly and the Third Republic was born.

Victor Hugo’s nineteen century novel ‘Les Miserables’ drew the attention to the working conditions of women and children. It was immediately successful, inspiring a number of stage versions.

At the peaks of his fortunes, Napoleon I commissioned ‘L’arc de Triomphe’ and ‘L’arc de Triomphe du Carroussel’.


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