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Imperiul Otoman (The Ottoman Empire) – engleza audio

Imperiul Otoman (The Ottoman Empire) – engleza audio

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Textul in engleza

The Ottoman Empire gained strength throughout the 14th century and buckled its debut in 1453 when it wonConstantinople. At the height of its power it spread on three continents controlling significant areas of South-Eastern Europe, the Middle East andNorth Africa. It also dominated the Mediterranean Sea and had unmistakable influence in east-west interactions.

Heirs to both Roman and Islamic traditions, Ottomans saw themselves as a source of unification of cultures and rulers of a universal Empire.

Famous leaders include the father of the Empire, Osman Gazi and Suleiman I. Music had an important role in the education of the Ottoman Elite. The compositions of Selim III remained an accomplished reference in Turkish culture.

For hundreds of years the state developed its own distinctive culture that influenced both the European and Islamic worlds.

Itself an Islamic power, it was the only one that seriously challenged the increasing power of Western Europe between 1400 and 1800.

The failure of its economic structure and its difficulty in communicating at cross wide distances help explain the Empire’s demise. The aftermath of World War I led to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Its land was partitioned, and the establishment of the Turkish national movements eventually led the foundation for the Republic of Turkey.

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