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Imperiul Persan (The Persian Empire) – filmulet in engleza

Imperiul Persan (The Persian Empire) – filmulet in engleza

Pentru a va imbunatati capacitatea de ascultare a unui continut audio in limba engleza puteti vedea si asculta filmuletul de mai sus. Mai jos aveti transcrierea in engleza a ceea ce veti asculta in engleza.

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Textul in engleza

The term‚ Persian Empire’ refers to the largest entity and most glorious extents of the Persian State. In 550 BC, Cyrus the Great led a successful movement creating the biggest nation the world had yet seen, conquering the entire Middle East. The Achaemenid Empire spread across more distances reaching North Africa, the Balkans, the Black Sea regions, an interception inWestern Asia.

Its main cities were the capital, Persepolis, and the city of Susa. Some accomplishments from this era include money, the establishment of a postal service and the first charter of human rights.

The Empire’s first enemies were Classical Greek States. In fact, Alexander the Great defeated the so-called Persian Empire in 330 BC, when his army torched Persepolis, avenging Ancient Persia’s destruction of Athens.

The ruins of Persepolis became important remnants. Today, the oldest known civilization comprises the country we know as Iran. Having first inhabited the borders of modern day Iransince Neolithic times, it was named ‘Iran’ in the early 20th century.

Very few literary works remained from Ancient Persia. The famous poets like Rumi made valuable contributions to Persia’s literature in the centuries that followed.

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