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Verbul modal MAY

Verbul modal “MAY” exprima in engleza:


1. posibilitatea (possibility):

You may be lucky, I’m not really sure… (S-ar putea sa ai noroc, nu sunt sigur…)

My parents may be out of town, I don’t know yet. (S-ar putea ca parintii mei sa fie plecati din oras, nu stiu inca sigur.)

2.  acordarea permisiunii (give permission):

You may speak with her now. (Poti sa vorbesti cu ea acum.)

You may kiss the bride now. (Poti sa saruti mireasa acum.)

*In acest caz se poate folosi si “be allowed to“:

You are allowed to speak with her now.

You are allowed to kiss the bride now.

3.  cererea permisiunii (request permission):

May I call you by your name? (Pot sa-ti spun pe nume?)

May I borrow your pen for a few minutes? (Pot sa-ti imprumut pixul pentru cateva minute?)


*Opusul lui “may” este “must not” sau “may not“:

You may not go to your friend’s house just yet. (Nu ai voie sa te duci acasa la prietenul tau inca.)

Verbul modal MAY: articol gratis de gramatica limbii engleze prezentat de catre www.in-engleza.ro

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